Hudson Yards debuted on March 15, 2019 and in its first phase has rapidly articulated its arrival, emerging as the Future…boldly realized now.

•Perhaps overwhelming when first encountered, once in its embrace Hudson Yards conveys the rich geometry of space, but also spatial and sensory awareness of its diverse choices across a convergence of collaborative architecture and a multitude of faceted vantages from which to observe new perceptions of an organic paradigm of integrative meta spatial experience.

•Hudson Yards sense of presence confidently redefines engaging urban experience as an evolving, kinetic and compelling new environment that now proudly enters its next phase of visionary development.

•Hudson Yards TV intends to participate, chronicle and convey the dynamics of Hudson Yards enlarging iterations …a journey now underway and continuing through 2025, as Hudson Yards extends and proudly embraces the future of New York City.

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